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Lent and Holy Week 2012

Special Services

22 February 2012 – Ash Wednesday
10.45am Holy Communion with Ashes at Brookside
8.00pm Sung Eucharist with Ashes and incense at St Mary’s

1 April 2012 – Palm Sunday
10.00am Liturgy of The Palms at St Mary’s
10.45am Liturgy of The Passion at Brookside

5 April 2012 – Maundy Thursday
8.00pm Liturgy of Last Supper at St Mary’s
(8.00pm Holy Communion at Brookside)
9.15pm Vigil at St Mary’s

6 April 2012 – Good Friday
10.45am Good Friday service at Brookside
2.00pm Liturgy of the Cross at St Mary’s

7 April 2012 – Easter Eve
8.30pm Easter Ceremonies and Eucharist at St Mary’s

8 April 2012 – Easter Day
6.00am Sunrise service in the Park followed by breakfast at Baptists (sign up sheet)
10.00am Sung Eucharist at St Mary’s
11.00am All Age Holy Communion at Brookside
6.30pm Evensong at St Mary’s

Lent Course

Passing the Test by David Adam – 8.00pm at St Mary’s

Mon 27 Feb 2012: Temptation and Divided Loyalties (Gen 3: 1-3)
Mon 5 Mar 2012: Wilderness and Doubt (Mat 11: 1-6)
Mon 12 Mar 2012: Dangers of Holy Places (Psalm 91)
Tues 20 Mar 2012: Everyone has a price (Deut 6:4-15)
Mon 26 Mar 2012: Powers of Good and Evil (Heb 11: 13-29)

Please read the passages before you come

Stations of the Cross

7.30pm All Thursdays in March at St Mary’s

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