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Messy Mass Photos – March 2012

Our theme from Sunday’s Cool this term was echoed in our Messy Mass- The Parables. These are stories that have a deeper meaning about God’s love for us- particularly when we find ourselves in difficulties and are lost.

The Revd Charlotte Ballinger took the service. She initially invited children to become involved in a retelling of the Parable of the Prodigal Son which shows that God welcomes everyone who wants to change, irrespective of their past deeds and the judgements of others.

The congregation were then invited to sample a range of crafts and activities related to parables such as The Sower, The Prodigal , The Lost Sheep and The Lost Coin.

Activities included party games , hunting for lost objects and pinning the tail on the sheep. Crafts included making a large collage of Van Gogh’s Sower, 3D junk models of soil types and colouring parable leaflets.

Many children also took home a container of cress so they can watch how seeds grow. Whether you were eight or eighty, it was lovely experience as we all enjoyed the pleasure of working creatively together which helped us understand the deeper meaning of the parables.

Anne K

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