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Pictures from Messy Mass (1st July 2012)

Olympic Values Messy Mass


A great time was had by all at the Olympic Messy Mass on Sunday July 1st 2012. Children from the church formed a band and played several hymns during the service which was a wonderful experience for everyone.

We focused on the values that have helped athletes reach their goals by assigning a value to each of the Olympic Rings.
Inspiration – children made a firework display to show who lights up their lives.
 Courage and Determination – catapulting  balls at a giant  Goliath  showed that you should never give up.
 Equality and Respect – a blindfolded sensory experience helped  develop empathy for Paralympians
 Friendship – making friendship bracelets together developed sharing and support skills.
 Excellence – trying your hand at hoopla and your feet at stilt walking and decorating medals.
Olympic rings were also  painted, stuck and coloured.
These values will help all of us to  achieve our best as ‘Lights of the World’

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