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Sunday mornings

Sung Eucharist 10.00am

RW preside2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th Sundays of every month.

Common Worship

Order 1 (Contemporary Language)

‘Eucharist’ is the Greek word in the New Testament for ‘thanksgiving’, and from earliest times has been one of the titles given to the main act of Christian worship – the service of Holy Communion.

  • The service follows the same basic format each time
  • The Sunday School gathers in Church Hill School, and there are creche facilities in church for small children
  • The president (priest leading the service) wears vestments in keeping with the colour of the liturgical season and is assisted by other ministers
  • The organ and choir lead the congregation in singing different parts of the service, as well as the hymns and responsorial psalm
  • A sermon is preached
  • On festivals and special occasions, incense is used to honour the altar, gospel book and bread & wine
  • The service usually finishes around 11.15am and refreshments are served afterwards

ink splodgeMessy Mass 10.00am

messy mass1st Sunday, approximately once a quarter

Messy Mass is exactly ‘what it says on the tin’! Geared for children especially, but involving people of all ages, the service is an informal activity based act of worship, culminating in a celebration of Communion

  • The children begin the service sitting together in the chancel
  • After an opening song, welcome and prayer the whole congregation makes its way around a number of activity stations in church connected to the theme of the service
  • Adults are encouraged to help the children with their craft, and children encourage the adults to muck in!
  • The music is led by a group of musicians rather than the organ, and there is no choir
  • The words for the songs and prayers are projected on to a large screen, and some paper copies are available too
  • The priest leading the service doesn’t wear vestments, and Communion takes place in the middle of the mess!
  • The service ends around 11.15am and refreshments are served

For more information and picture of Messy Mass, and pictures of recent messiness, click here!

All Age Eucharist 10.00am

mm chat1st Sunday of the month

The All Age Eucharist is an informal service where children and adults have the opportunity to worship and learn together

  • The service follows the basic pattern of the Sung Eucharist, but ‘slimmed down’
  • There is a brief talk or activity rather than a sermon
  • There is no choir, and the music is often led by the organ and additional musicians
  • The service finishes around 11.15am and refreshments are served
  • There is a Traidcraft stall selling fairtrade food and gifts