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1000+ Appeal

St Mary’s 1000+ APPEAL was officially launched on Advent Sunday 2010 (28th November, the first day of the Church’s New Year) and aims to meet an initial fundraising target of £250,000 to reorder, redecorate and develop St Mary’s Church for the needs of the Church’s ministry today and for the next generation.

Why 1000+?

In 2010 St Mary’s Church celebrated its 930th birthday.  You can read more of our history here, but it amounts to:

  • 930 years of worship and witness to God’s love in Christ
  • 930 years of sharing God’s love in action;
  • 930 years adapting and changing to meet the needs of the community;
  • 930 years as a sacred space, holy ground – and a place of worship, silence, prayer, celebration and thanksgiving for the people of East Barnet.

In 70 years time St Mary’s will celebrate its 1000th birthday. Most of us won’t be here to party through the night – and those of us who will be here wont be as sprightly as they we are today!  But we do have a responsibility now to ensure that St Mary’s continues to grow as a place of prayer and celebration for all who live and work in this parish.

For more information about the needs of St Mary’s and plans for how the 1000+ Appeal money will be used, click here.

To see an animated history of how the building has grown and changed through the ages, and how we believe it needs to grow to meet our present needs and for the future, click here.

To find out how you can help and be part of this exciting venture – read on!

How you can be part of St Mary’s 1000+ Appeal

  • At the Appeal Launch on Sunday 28th November, we aim to release 100 Chinese Paper Lanterns into the night sky – each one representing a ‘founding’ £10 donation to the appeal and our first £1,000.  If you would like to be one of the Appeal’s founding donors, please contact the Parish Office on 8361 7524
  • Can you give £1,000 to the Appeal?  It may sound like a lot of money, but spread over a year it is less than £20 per week, and over 2 years less than £10 per week.  Or if you are able to, you might make a one-off donation for any amount – every penny helps!
  • Can you (or your organisation or group of friends) give your time and energy to raise £1,000 for the Appeal? Whether it’s a one-off sponsored event, cash raised by making jam or selling jumble, or some other hair-brained but highly lucrative (but legal!) way of raising money – every penny helps!
  • Would your company or business would like to contribute to this important work in our local community by making a donation or sponsoring a fundraising event?

We are counting in thousands, but of course every penny really does count, so whatever you are able to give, or however much you are able to raise, is all valued and gratefully received!

If you can help in any way please contact our Appeal Manager, Dick Selby, via the Parish Office on 020 83617524.

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