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This Week’s Worship: 14th – 20th October 2019

Noticesheet for 13th October 2019

Monday 14th October

9.30am: Staff prayers and meeting
1.30pm: Monday Club at Brookside

Tuesday 15th October

8.15pm: Choir Practice

Wednesday 16th October

11.30am: Apthorp Care Centre Communion
12.15pm: Apthorp Day Centre Communion
2.00pm: Autumn Teaching Course at Brookside Coffee Lounge – Cecily Saunders and the Hospice Movement
4.00pm: Junior Choir at Brookside

Thursday 17th October

9.30am: Collective Worship at Brookside
10.00am: Little Tots at Brookside
10.45am: Communion at Brookside
5.45pm: Brownies at Brookside
7.30pm: Guides at Brookside

Friday 18th October

Saturday 19th October

10.30am-12noon: Children’s Society Coffee Morning at Brookside

Sunday 20th October

The Eighteenth Sunday after Trinity (green)
10.00am: Parish Eucharist and Sunday Club
6.30pm: Evensong